Quality Policy

The Maloney Quality Management System (MQMS)

Quality Policy Statement

Maloney Commodity Services is driven to provide cargo supervision, inspection, audit and certification services that ensure the sustainable growth of the organization.

To achieve this goal, leadership pledges its commitment to:

  • provide services that are in compliance with relevant and applicable customer, industry and regulatory requirements,
  • provide services that consistently meet or exceed the needs and expectations of customers,
  • ensure that the health, safety, and security of personnel are prioritized when services are performed on behalf of the company, and
  • the continuous improvement of the Maloney Quality Management System (MQMS).

Success in enhancing customer satisfaction and growing the company’s volume of business begins with the commitment of leadership and is dependent upon the active involvement and dedication of the entire team.

Collectively, with the proper focus and commitment to the above pledges, we will meet our goal of sustainable growth.